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What are chakras?

You may have heard people talk about our chakra system, but not known what they were referring to, below is a little information each active chakra (there are a lot that aren’t activated but that is another story) – they are often depicted as lotus flowers due to the yogic traditions (chakra is a Sanskrit term), I haven’t included there related image here.

3d chakra colours

Starting from the bottom…

Earth star
Positioned underneath our feet, and complements the Base Chakra to ground our energies into the Earth ‘grounding’ us and our energies into the Earth.

This is positioned at the base of our spines, and controls our feelings of support, stability and energy levels.

This is positioned in the navel and controls pleasure, emotions, relationships & creativity.  It resonates with orange colour frequencies.

Solar Plexus
This is positioned in the pit of the stomach and controls the digestive system and can hold onto fear & anxiety.  It resonates with orange colour frequencies.

The heart is the point where the higher and the lower chakras meet in the body. It can get blocked by emotional trauma.  It resonates with green and pink. When in balance leads to unconditional love.

The throat chakra controls confidence, standing in your own power, being able to talk up for yourself, sound & harmony. It resonates with a blue frequency, and crystal is blue lace agate.

Brow/Third eye
This is positioned between the two physical eyes, and is the focus of insight, intuition & harmony with nature. It resonates with deep blue/purple, and crystal is amethyst.

This is positioned at the top of our heads, the focus is spirit, reaching higher & illumination. It resonates with clear white light, and crystal is clear quartz.

Soul Star
This chakra is the same distance above the head as the Earth Star is to the foot of our feet. It connects us more to the universe and all that is; it allows for energies to come down from the universe, and flow through our body down into the Earth. It is the home of our Soul, and information about our life purpose.

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