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Services available include Angelic Reiki, Seraphim Healing, Crystal Healing, Angel therapy and Angel card reading.

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A small intro to me

My journey into practicing healing has been a while in the making, I have always had an connection to spirituality, from buying my first tarot cards whilst at college (then hiding them due to the old beliefs that it was bad luck to buy your own cards), to dreaming of people that had recently departed.

I took the traditional path, went to Bournemouth Uni to study Business Studies, moved to Bristol to work in design and marketing agencies – which was great fun, but there was always this feeling that something was missing. I was introduced to crystals in my early 20’s and fair to say I have a growing collection, but never actively did anything with them. I was in the high pressured agency world for over 12yrs, getting regular osteopath treatments for the impact it was having on my body, so decided to make the change and train on how to heal myself.

I booked myself a distance Angelic Reiki and was blown away by the gentle, yet powerful healing, that has the added bonus of lasting for 21 days after the initial treatment. It wasn’t long before I was booked on a course, and quickly realised this healing was what I had been missing.

I am now fully qualified to practice Angelic Reiki, and love it. Adding Crystal healing to the mix just made sense, as I love crystals and being able to actively engage with them for the healing benefit of others is a dream.  I can also read Angel oracle cards, and through them can practice Angel Therapy.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, and experience the healing for yourself.

Love and blessings, Jane x

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