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The term ‘self-care’ has been coming up a lot recently, in articles, videos, mediations etc, and I wonder when we stopped truly caring for ourselves; when was it that we needed a reminder that we mattered. We are worthy of being cared for.

For some people, self-care is treating themselves to an evening off, an hour in the bath with lots of bubbles, or maybe allowing themselves to mediate for more than 5mins.

For me, self-care should more than the odd treat. It should be a reflex, something intrinsic to our being like breathing. Training our hearts & minds to ensure we treat ourselves with respect & love – the same that we ask for in our partners and loved ones.

If we truly care & love ourselves, then we will have strong boundaries that we wear with love, because we remember & know our value. We are divine sparks from the universe, here to experience the wonders of being human – to explore and grow to our hearts content.

It is important to take note of what ‘makes the heart sing’ and do more of it – for this is a core aspect of you. It should be more that just a reward.

Why not treat yourself to a treatment, and allow yourself to receive for an hour. I offer a range of healing services and would be more that happy to help you take time out.

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