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Taking responsibility for the life we live

So much of what happens to us in our lives is down to the choices that we have made, when we feel stuck it is easy to think that we don’t have a choice – but there is always a choice.  We can choose to stay in the victim mode of poor me, why does all this stuff happen to me; or we can reflect and ask the question, how much of what I’m experiencing is where I am down to the choices and decisions that I have made?

We all go through stages of thinking that life is happening to us, by someone or something, when in actually fact life is happening for us.  Within every situation there is a potential learning and development opportunity if we choose to see it. These situations have a habit of coming around more than once until we learn and grow from the lesson within – this can be relationships, work environments and money situations to name but a few.

If you take the time to reflect on the potential learning, you will find when the potential situation comes around again you will react differently to it, and a different learning opportunity will present itself which can be more fun to learn.

The attitude we have to life is really important, and some people refer to this as our vibration, if your attitude is that of a victim, or of jealously, bitterness etc then you will you be focusing your attention on the lower spectrum of emotions and vibration.  From here the world can be a bleak place and you look at others and wonder how their life is so great whist yours isn’t.  The other person in question is likely to be experiencing similar circumstances to you, but is choosing to see the beauty in each day, have gratitude for what they have, instead of focusing on what they don’t, from this mind and heart set, it is possible to attract great things into your life and feel full of joy as you are focusing on the higher vibration emotions of love and joy. 

Some people blame others for what they don’t have, may be their parents or their relationships, but the reality is people only treat us the way we allow them to.  Now I know that might sound harsh, but it is the reality.  It took me a while to really understand the concept, but if you have sound boundaries, the only people that have a problem with those boundaries, are those that wish to push them.  Once you realise the value you have within yourself, you won’t be so willing to let people treat you in anything else than respect and appreciation, and in turn this is the only way you will wish to treat others, as we are all equal and deserve love and respect (plant life and animals included).

We are eternal beings living a human existence, we are more than our human shells.  When we choose to incarnate into this life, we carefully decide on our parents, we agree to soul contracts that will grow our souls, plus clear any karmic debt from previous lifetimes on this planet.

When we are born we step down through the dimensions and in doing so we forget who and what we are (some people retain this but they are the rarity), in the next 7-10yrs we take on our parents beliefs, through the teens and early 20’s we start questioning those beliefs, and in our mid 20’s onwards we start healing the beliefs that aren’t ours (ie taken on from those around us) and truly finding our own path and beliefs. 

It is up to us to accept that we need healing beyond taking a tablet from the drs.  Even if you go to a healer you might feel better for a week or two, but the aliments will come back as you aren’t taking an active role in healing yourself – the healer can only act as a facilitator. 

Holding the space and channeling the healing can only achieve so much.

The placebo affect shows how powerful our subconscious is, it is medically established that the sugar pill will make some people feel better, because they believe they are taking something to make them feel better.  That is how powerful our subconscious brain is.

To have the intent to take responsibility for your actions, thoughts and beliefs is to take the first step onto self mastery.  Choose to see the world as a play ground with lots of learning opportunities that enhance your time here.  The universe loves us unconditionally and we need to collectively start loving and appreciating ourselves, so we can radiate that love back out.  Please do reach out to me or other healers for support, as we are all on the same road back to source/god just at different stages of the journey with different twists and turns ahead.  We are here to support each other.


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  1. Joanna Bristow-Watkins | | Reply

    Hello jane, this is a thought provoking article about how our beliefs shape our outcomes (reminds me of Bruce Lipton’s philosophies) and I so-o-o agree with you. Not always an easy message to digest though, it’s easy to become comfy in a fur-lined rut …

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