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Autumn – how is it for you?

The season of autumn can be a very trying time for people, as the nights draw in and the mornings are darker – this isn’t always helped by the weather (I live in Wales which has its fair share of rain, so I relate to the struggle of dark overcast days); and whilst there is real beauty in nature if you are able to watch the leaves changing colour – the last hurrah of colour – the lack of sunlight and therefore vitamin D can be hard work.

Autumn photos

It is important to acknowledge how you feel during this time, are you finding yourself struggling with the lack of nature light, or are you loving the change of the season, the crisp morning and the colours of nature?

Both feelings are okay, and you might be okay one day and not so much the next – this is also okay. Listen to your body, and response accordingly, if you are struggling, take your foot off the gas and look after yourself, make a note of things that make you happy and feel valued, and do more of those things. If you need to, forgive yourself for struggling. It is okay.

On the days I struggle, I choose to look at how the seasons change, how nature and animals response and if there is anything I can learn from their example. So, I look at how the animals are busy getting the last of the food together and making or travelling to their homes for the winter; I can in turn focus on where I ‘hibernate’, how can I make my home feel more cosy so I don’t mind being inside more.

I look at how the trees release their leaves each year, choosing to nourish their insides and restoring themselves ready for new growth in the spring; I take this as inspiration to review where I am, what I have achieved and where I would like to be in spring in a personal as well as professional way – reflecting on the inside as well as the outside of my environment. For the outside world is a reflection of my inside world – ‘perception is reality’ to put it another way.

Acknowledging how you are feeling goes a long way towards feeling better. Personally I find looking for a different perspective really helpful, and looking at how I can incorporate that into my life empowering. It is important to listen to what your body needs – if it wants to hibernate – then allow yourself to hibernate in a way that works for you.

Equally you may wish to look back at your childhood, have you always struggled with autumn, or is there a time you really enjoyed it? The dirty puddles of water to jump in, the pile of leaves to kick or walk through, collecting the nuts from the trees, shelling the conkers, the smell of the bonfire, the jacket potatoes at the bottom of the fires – if this is you, when was the last time you played? It could be just what your soul needs – a bit of ‘childish’ playtime? Being an adult doesn’t have to be boring.

If you are really struggling please do reach out as any of my treatments could be the release you need just contact me to arrange a free consultation on which treatment would be best suited to you – please don’t struggle on your own.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on autumn and what are your fondest memories?

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    Lovely pics and very interesting post. Thank you

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