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What does the word 'triggers' mean to you?

When you hear the word ‘trigger’ what pops up in your head? Is it a gun part? Or thinking of ‘something’ being set off? You may have heard of the term as something that people response to, i.e. something happens to a human which ‘triggers’ a reaction in them.

We are taught as part of our self-mastery that is it important to acknowledge our triggers as an opportunity for self-development; rather than responding to them as we once would have done.

The human experience is circular, and as such the same trigger can come up repeatedly until we recognise the pattern, and find a new way to response.

If you find yourself acting to a trigger, it is important firstly to draw a breath, and if it isn’t too late, stop the behaviour that is playing out. Forgive yourself for reacting, and do self-analysis on what was the trigger, and why you responded as you did. It could be something that bought up a memory from childhood or your teen years, so you weren’t responding to the situation in front of you, it was a response to what happened earlier in your life – a repeated pattern.

It takes an open heart to acknowledge that we are responsible for our own actions and reactions. We are not responsible for how others response. We must be aware that everyone is on their own healing path, and at different points on it, so not everyone is going to be aware of how their behaviour effects others. It is up to us to be conscious of our reactions.

Triggers in themselves are not bad things, as they are truly opportunities to grow and develop on your path. It can be liberating to be in a situation that would have previously triggered you, to instead allow yourself to see the pattern around the trigger, and to send it love and forgiveness.

If you are struggling with how to handle a trigger, please do reach out – sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to see the pattern and to recommend ways to support changing your response to them.

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