Angelic Reiki

Full body healing


Angelic Reiki, is a wonderful complementary therapy that was channeled to Kevin Core in 2002 and was developed with Christine Core into the healing modality we have today.

The official website goes into the details, but it is truly divine and different to the other Reiki modalities available, as the healing is coming directly from the divine, arch-angels, ascended masters and beings of 100% pure light.

I recommend that you read the official website to understand more.

The healing session – what to expect

Each treatment/sessions starts and ends with creating a sacred space of unconditional love, where everyone is seen as perfect regardless of any physical or mental ailments, the healing is dedicated to be the most perfect healing for you at that time, we can of course mention any aches or pains you may be experiencing.  It is worth noting that the healing is continuous for 21days after the first session, and you may experience some sensations during this time, which is a great sign that you are shifting and releasing energies that no longer serve you.

Each session includes a consultation, the channeled healing and grounding afterwards, to ensure you really get the most for the session.  I recommend the first session is an 1hr 15mins to enable us to talk through any questions before or after the treatment (these are the same price as subsequent hour sessions), thereafter we can do either an hour session or 30mins, depending on how you are feeling, and how much time you have available (being aware you might be using your lunch break).

It is possible to have this treatment on a treatment table or in a chair, depending on your mobility requirements, so please do worry about getting on or off a table if you have reduced mobility.  It is also possible to do remote/distant healing from the comfort of your own home – the healing is just as a strong as in person.


Angelic Reiki can help with releasing emotional, mental or physical pains, ease anxiety as allows you to draw breath and reset, eases headaches and physical aches and pains.  The angels & archangels know the perfect healing for you, at each time:

  • This can include healing trauma from a past life
  • Healing inter child issues from your childhood
  • It can also help ease the suffering of terminally ill patients 

It is recommended that people have 3 sessions, to allow true acceptance and deep healing – but you will be drawn to the correct number and frequency for you.

Please do contact me if you would like to experience this for yourself