Seraphim Healing

A powerful healing modality channeling the Seraphim that includes the options of using:

  • Crystals
  • Sacred sound (tuning forks & tuning)
  • Healing mandalas

Each session is unique, and through discussion I will be guided which elements will be used to ensure the most perfect healing session for you.

The session include

  • Cutting cords to person, situations and places that no longer serve you.
  • Cleansing, clearing and activating your chakras
  • Embedding these healing codes into your atoms and DNA
  • Soul retrieving, calling back any fragments of your soul that may have left due to trauma or shocks from previous situations


  • Chakra alignment across the four body system (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual)
  • Being clear of cords that are no longer of service to you
  • Clarity of thought as a result stopping and being in a meditative state
  • Deep and embedded healing that will last for up to 21 day

Who are the Seraphim?

They are fiery 12th dimensional angel – the closest angels to the Divine Throne, and known as the angels of love.  They love humanity  and everything here with us on earth, and their channelled healing can be sent to help heal the whole of earth, and transmute lower thought forms, emotions and energy into the purest love and light.

Duration of a session

It is possible to have either an hour or half hour session – both will include an initial consultation to decide on what tools are required (time permitting) to enable you to get the most perfect healing for you.  The healing will be a hands on healing, connecting to your higher heart and solar plexus.   Followed by the opportunity to talk through the healing whilst settling back into your body (grounding) getting ready to go back into the busy world.

The healing can be in person, or sent to you (distant healing) wherever you are in the world, so time zones aren’t a problem.

My rate is £80 per hour, so £40 for half hour – please note concessions are available, please do ask if you are unsure